100 Year Old Woman Uses Nintendo DS to Stay Mentally Active

If you think games are just for young people and serve no purpose other than to waste away idle time, think again. Kathleen ‘Kit’ Connell. Kit plays on her Nintendo DS console for two hours every evening, and has been nicknamed the ‘Nintendo Queen’ by UK newspaper The Sun.

“Kit, who turned 100 last week, only started playing video games at the age of 96, but she now relies on her DS console to keep her mind active. ‘The Nintendo has been a great help to me, it’s absolutely amazing. If there’s any secret to a long life it’s to think positive and keep your mind active.”

Kit plays games like My Word Coach, Left Brain Right Brain 2, Easy Piano and Brain Training. According to the Brain Training game, she’s mentally at age 64, which she attributes to using video games to keep her mind active.

If a 100-year old woman can stay mentally sharp by playing the right kinds of video games, who knows what effect such positive video games could have on everyone else as well? To learn more about Kit and her video gaming, read the compete article here.

February 24th, 2012 by
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