Flight to Freedom — Learn history as a runaway slave

Flight to Freedom role-playing gameBack in the 80’s, there was a series of books called Choose Your Own Adventure that would present choices to the reader and based on the options the reader chose, the book would direct them to another page to continue their adventure. While such Choose Your Own Adventure games focused on fantasy, science fiction, or adventure settings, an organization called Mission-US now offers a computer version of a Chose Your Own Adventure game, except this game involves taking on the role own a slave and trying to escape to freedom.

Flight to Freedom, lets you make choices as you flee an oppressive slave owner and risk the dangers of escaping to the North. Players not only learn about slavery in early American history, but they also learn about making choices. Make a bad choice and you’ll likely lose the game. Make a wise choice and you’ll get one step closer to freedom.

You can play this game through any browser, but if you have a slow Internet connection, you can also download a version of the game for your Windows PC or Macintosh.

While “Flight to Freedom” doesn’t offer realistic graphics or extensive role-playing features like many advanced online games, it does offer players a unique chance to relive history through the eyes of a slave so you can learn a little bit of American history that many people would rather pretend never happened.

“Flight to Freedom” is more educational with game play wrapped around it rather than an exciting game in its own right. After playing this game a few times, you’ll learn what it’s like to risk your life to escape to a better world. Read more from USA Today.

Reason to play: Teaches American history in a fun, engaging, and unique manner.

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