Serious Games White Paper from Adobe

While many people play games for fun, many more are involved in using games as a learning, training, and teaching tool. This field, dubbed “Serious Games,” is a rapidly growing field. To learn more, you can read Adobe’s white paper about “Serious Games.” Some comments from this white paper include:

“Serious games, expected to be a US$1.5 billion global market in 2008, are being described by some analysts as the next wave of technology-mediated learning. As organizations intensify their efforts to engage with members of today’s workforce, serious games offer a powerful, effective approach to learning and skills development.”

“What sets serious games apart from the rest is the focus on specific and intentional learning outcomes to achieve serious, measurable, sustained changes in performance and behavior. Learning design represents a new, complex area of design for the game world. Learning designers have unique opportunities to make a significant contribution to game design teams by organizing game play to focus on changing, in a predefined way, the beliefs, skills, and/or behaviors of those who play the game, while preserving the entertainment aspects of the game experience.”

“Serious games are a rapidly growing industry. Military, corporate, education, and healthcare organizations from around the world are enjoying the positive effects that serious game implementations have had on their organization’s learning needs. Learning designers and game designers must collaborate fully for a game to provide the most engaging and effective learning experience. Incorporating aspects of social networking and other Web 2.0+ technologies into serious game design enhances learner-adoption by today’s workforce. Developing and deploying a serious game using industry-standard tools, such as those offered by Adobe, will promote sweeping adoption by users.”

If you want to turn your gaming hobby into something productive and lucrative, take a look at this emerging field of serious gaming. What better way to make a living than designing and playing games all day?

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