Detroit is Bankrupt, Executives Get 17% Raise

The city of Detroit is so broke that they’re actually thinking about selling the city’s art collection housed in the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). Of course, while the city of Detroit is threatening to cut pensions and reduce wages for firefighters and police officers, the DIA granted their executives a 17% pay raise.

Does this behavior surprise anyone? The biggest threat to this country isn’t terrorists or countries like Russia or China. The biggest threat to this country is simply greed. When executives grant themselves raises while everything falls apart around them, that just points out the selfishness and senselessness of so many executives. This is why people revolt and choose radical dictatorships when their “leaders” simply steal as much money for themselves while doing nothing for the people they’re supposed to be serving.

While it’s easy to get mad at executives, the first solution is to never become like them. Many people feel that since executives steal from corporations that they have the right to steal too. While that gives temporary satisfaction, it’s no long-term solution and just makes you part of the problem you’re rallying against. To change the world, you can only change yourself and through your actions you can change others.

That’s it.

If you think the solution is to resort to violence and overthrow the current executives, then someone just as bad (maybe even you) will just slide into place and repeat the same selfish mistakes all over again. The real solution is to change yourself and change those around you so when enough people change, the greedy and the selfish will be in the minority and unable to hold on to their power any longer. The only reason they can get away with what they do is because few people know what’s going on. The more people know, the more people will rebel against this kind of greedy behavior.

If the typical stories of executives granting themselves pay raises while everyone suffers sounds too familiar, the first task is to make sure you never become that type of person. The second step is to start looking for ways to support yourself that doesn’t involve working for people who put greed ahead of everyone else. When fewer competent people work in organizations to support the greedy executives, the greedy executives won’t have anyone to do the work for them and they’ll be seen as the incompetent losers that they really are. When they have to face a world where they have to actually work to earn their own living, that’s the best revenge that anyone can force on them.

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February 4th, 2014 by
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