Looking for Cyber Warriors Through Games

When the United Kingdom wanted to find cyber warriors capable of attacking enemy computer networks while defending their own networks from attack, they discovered that ordinary interviews with potential candidates were insufficient. After all, high test scores and great interviews might look good, but neither of these had any bearing on whether that person would make a skilled cyber warrior or not.

So the United Kingdom decided to sponsor cyber warfare games to simulate an attack on the nation’s infrastructure including attacking a nuclear power plant. The idea was that by seeing how potential candidates reacted in an actual cyber warrior situation, the government could better determine the capabilities of each candidate. In one year, a postman won the contest.

In the animal kingdom, animals often play as a way to practice their skills, and cyber warfare games are no different. When the United Kingdom took this seemingly obvious step to identify the best cyber warrior candidates, they’ll likely vastly improve their cyber warfare capabilities while picking those truly qualified for their positions regardless of their educational background, which is the way life should be in recognizing actual talent.

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March 18th, 2014 by
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