Visual Basic Clone Physics Engine

One of the best ways to gain financial independence is to start your own business. With most businesses, you have to invest a large amount of money for inventory, retail space, and employees. That pretty much makes starting a business an all-or-nothing affair, which understandably keeps most people from starting a business. Yet in today’s world, the easiest business to start involves digital products.

When you sell digital products, there’s no storage costs, no shipping costs, and no manufacturing costs. Just make endless duplicates of your product, ship it over the Internet, and collect your money.

While you can sell e-books, video tutorials, or software, those with a technical background might want to look at writing their own programs. Although programming can be complicated, you can use simpler programming languages that still give you the power to create complex software but with far less mental struggle and frustration.

One of the most popular programming languages in the world was Microsoft’s Visual Basic. The main idea behind Visual Basic was to let you design your user interface and then write BASIC code to make it all work. The biggest problem with Visual Basic was that it only ran on Windows and then Microsoft changed the Visual Basic language to make it nearly as complicated to learn and use as C++.

That’s why there’s a Visual Basic clone to consider called Xojo. Not only is Xojo as easy to use as Visual Basic, but it also lets you create programs for Windows, Linux, and OS X. In the near future, it will also let you create iOS apps far easier than creating iOS apps the traditional way by learning Objective-C.

No matter what programming language you choose, you can save yourself a huge amount of time by using pre-written routines. If you’re planning to create animation of any kind, you can figure out all the mathematics yourself or you can use a special physics engine that does all the complex calculations for you. In the world of Xojo, there’s an ABPE physic engines specifically designed for Xojo, which means you can use it to create animated programs for Windows and OS X. Now you can create sophisticated software quickly and easily using Xojo and the ABPE physics engine that’s absolutely free to use.

So if your’e tired of letting your technical know-how go to waste, consider developing and selling your own software. With programming languages like Xojo and toolkits like the ABPE physics engine, writing your own programs may be a lot easier than you might think.

Click here to read more about the ABPE physics engine for Xojo.


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