Kill the Status Quo

The best way to create a company is to look for ways to upset the status quo. For decades, people relied on Windows PCs to do everything. Then smartphones and tablets arrived to define mobile computing, and the world will likely never return to complete reliance on Windows PCs ever again. At one time, people had to go to record stores to buy music trapped on physical media like tapes, vinyl records, or compact discs. Then digital audio files arrived and wiped out record stores. In the old days, people used to rely on bookstores to find information. When search engines appeared, people can find what they want much faster and more conveniently than buying a book, so book stores and book publishers are now struggling.

If you’re sick of working in a dead-end job, look for how you can upset the status quo in your world. If you can kill an established industry, chances are good that you’ll succeed. In the world of make-up, women often spend obscene amounts of money buying makeup that may not exactly match the colors they want. So a Harvard business school student decided to create Mink, a 3-D printer that can print cosmetics using the same materials used in commercial cosmetics.

The idea behind Mink is to make it easier for women to create their own colors and print out their custom cosmetics on a 3-D printer. This gives people freedom to choose what they want while also saving them money buying expensive cosmetics. With the arrival of Mink, the cosmetics industry can go nowhere but down.

If you really want to get back at all those fancy CEOs making millions for doing relatively nothing, invent a product that kills their cash cow and destroys the status quo. Just look for the status quo and find a way to defeat it. There’s no better form of revenge than killing an entire, complacent industry that has milked the status quo for too long anyway.

To read more about the Mink 3-D printer for cosmetics, click here.

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