The Swift Programming Language

On June 2, Apple introduced a new programming language called Swift. The main idea behind Swift is to make writing iOS apps easier, faster, and more reliable than ever before. If you’re a programmer, you already know that the future is iOS on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, but now a part of that new future involves learning and programming in Swift.

Without getting bogged down with the technical details, Swift includes new programming features while discarding outdated, complicated features that were part of the original C programming language. Using old programming languages is fine, but as computer scientists develop new techniques for making programming easier and more reliable, older programming languages need those new features bolted on. Over time, such ad hoc designs to a programming language make it clumsy and inefficient. At a certain point it’s easier to start all over again.

Originally, programmers relied on the C programming language. Then they shifted to a more modern version called C++ where one of its greatest features was something called object-oriented programming, which is a way of making programming more modular and reusable as objects you can paste together like building blocks. To overcome the deficiencies in C++, computer scientists created Java. To overcome the deficiencies in Java, Microsoft developed C#. To overcome the deficiencies of Objective-C, Apple created Swift.

Today is the time to start learning Swift to write programs for the Macintosh, iPhone, and iPad. The sooner you start learning Swift, the sooner you can start developing your skills and experience using Swift. Expect Swift to be a major programming language for the next twenty years so that should give you plenty of job security. More importantly, Swift will be the language you should use to create iOS apps, which is a still growing market.

With the introduction of Swift, there’s a tremendous opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a programming world. If you’ve always wanted to create and sell your own iOS apps, now is the time to start doing it. With each second that you waste, that represents another second of lost opportunities. Don’t delay. Learn Swift today!

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