Swift or Bust

If you’re interested in writing apps for the iPhone and iPad, you have a variety of options. One free option is to use Apple’s Xcode, which lets you write programs in Swift or Objective-C. Third parties offer other options that let you write programs in other languages such s C# or BASIC.

Here’s why you should consider Xcode and Swift. First, Apple keeps updating all of their operating systems every year that includes OS X (Macintosh), iOS (iPhone/iPad), watchOS (Apple Watch), and tvOS (Apple TV).

If you learn Xcode and Swift, you’ll be able to write programs for all of these different operating systems and use all of their latest features as soon as Apple makes them available.

Here’s the huge problem with third party development tools. Each year when Apple adds new features to their operating systems, these third parties must scramble to allow their tools to access Apple’s latest technologies. Until they do so, you can’t take advantage of Apple’s latest technology.

That means waiting and the longer you wait, the more opportunities you’ll miss.

A second huge problem with third party tools is that most currently target OS X and iOS, but neglect watchOS and tvOS, which are two potentially hot growth fields for developers. Once again, you’ll have to wait for third parties to adapt their tools to let you write watchOS and tvOS apps, but if you use Xcode, you can write apps for watchOS, tvOS, iOS , and OS X right now.

The main advantage of third party development tools is that they let you use your favorite programming language and may also offer cross platform capabilities such as letting you develop for iOS and Android simultaneously.

Initially cross platform capability may seem enticing, but when it cuts you off from the latest features of Apple’s operating systems and completely cuts you off from watchOS and tvOS right now, taking the time to learn third party development tools will always keep you behind the latest trends.

That’s why you should use Xcode and Swift. That’s the future and no third party development tool will ever keep you current with Apple’s latest operating system features.

If you’re a developer, forget about third party tools. Focus on Xcode and Swift. You’ll have far more opportunities and you won’t have to spend a penny to use Xcode either. That’s a claim that few third party development tools can make.

October 1st, 2015 by
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