The Stack Overflow Survey

Stack Overflow is a popular website for developers so they’re best suited for capturing data about what developers are doing right now. Bye studying their latest survey, you can better predict your own future as a developer.

The first interesting feature is that most developers tend to be under 30 and predominantly male. However, one interesting feature is that the vast majority of developers claim to be self-taught. Even though they may have some formal training in programming, school can rarely keep up with advancing technology.

Once you learn something in school, technology will inevitably change and your school knowledge will no longer be on the cutting edge. That means you have no choice but to become self-taught.

Perhaps most interesting is the list of most loved and most dreaded technologies. The top five most loved technologies include:

  1. Rust
  2. Swift
  3. F#
  4. Scala
  5. Go

The five most dreaded technologies include:

  1. Visual Basic
  2. WordPress
  3. Matlab
  4. SharePoint
  5. CoffeeScript

By following the most loved technologies, you can see where the future is heading. Rust was developed by Mozilla as a safe, concurrent practical language. On the other hand, Visual Basic is a much older language that essentially grafted a rapid application development tool on to the BASIC programming language.

For its time during the early days of Windows development, Visual Basic was an excellent tool because it allowed people to create Windows applications quickly without going through the hassle of learning C++. On the other hand, Visual Basic is limited only to Windows and has proven clumsy so even Microsoft has largely abandoned Visual Basic in favor of C#.

If you want to see the future, watch the trends. Trends can show you where to go and as the most loved technology list shows, that’s newer technology emphasizing safety, unlike the error-prone coding style of C programming including C++ and Objective-C.

As a developer, the one key is to never stop learning. Technology is going to change around you, so you must stay active in changing with it at the same time.

To read more about the Stack Overflow survey, click here.

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