A Machine Learning Library for Swift

One of the reasons why artificial intelligence (AI) failed during the early days was because it required humans to program intelligence into a program. That meant exhaustively writing instructions for every possible outcome.

One of the earliest and more limited successes of AI were expert systems that consisted of a series of if-then rules to mimic the thinking process of a human expert. The reason why expert systems worked was because they could tackle a narrow niche with limited and known variables. The reason why expert systems ultimately failed is because they couldn’t advance beyond narrow niches and required humans to exhaustively write if-then rules for every possibility.

Even worse, when conditions changed, human programmers had to go back into the expert system to reprogram it and update it. This constantly meant consulting with a human expert and a human programmer, which made the expert system cumbersome to modify to the point where it wasn’t worth it at all.

That’s all changed with machine learning. The whole idea behind machine learning is to let a program teach and update itself. Not only is this far faster, but it’s far more accurate allowing the program to adapt to changing conditions. If you’re interested in machine learning with Swift, download the open source, Swift AI library.

This Swift AI library lets you create neural networks for both macOS and iOS. By incorporating machine learning in your apps, you can create more adaptive video games or smarter programs that can recognize handwriting or user behavior.

Trying to create machine learning tools on your own in Swift is possible, but clumsy. It’s so much easier to use a tested machine learning framework instead, so that’s why you might want to experiment with Swift AI.

As Swift gains popularity, it’s likely that others will create machine learning frameworks for Swift but until that day comes when we can choose from a variety of machine learning tools, Swift AI offers the best way to experiment with machine learning using Swift.

At the very least, dig through the sample programs in the Swift AI library and give yourself a rudimentary understanding of how machine learning works and how to implement it in Swift.

To download the Swift AI library for adding machine learning to iOS and macOS programs, click here.


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