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My name is Wallace Wang and I’ve been fascinated with games ever for as long as I can remember. Back in 1982, I even designed my own game called “Orbit War,” which was published by Steve Jackson Games in their magazine The Space Gamer and later published as a boxed game as well.

I also designed a game contest for Avalon Hill’s old magazine “The General” where my contest involved trying to find the optimum move to sink a submarine in Avalon Hill’s old game called “Submarine.” I spent much of my teenage years playing war-games from Avalon Hill, SPI, and Metagaming. Games not only taught me decision making skills, but also history, geography, mathematics, and science. From the role-playing game “Traveller,” I learned about vector mechanics. From the games published bi-monthly buy SPI in their magazine “Strategy & Tactics,” I learned history, geography, and military strategy. I have always enjoyed games and wanted to create a site catering to others who enjoy a site where they can get the latest news related to how gaming can improve your mind and teach you something useful while letting you have fun at the same time.

I feel that the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to learn anything is through play. When you’re having fun and interested in a particular topic, learning becomes effortless. For that reason, Games For Geeks is a site dedicated to helping people learn through game playing whether through computer games, board games, or any type of game as long as it relates to learning and challenging yourself intellectually. When you turn everything into a game, then life suddenly becomes full of enjoyable opportunities so your only real challenge is deciding what exciting task you want to tackle next.

Games can be powerful educational tools, but have often been dismissed as trivial activities unrelated to learning, training, or education. I want to change that perception by providing the latest news and information about game playing so you can take this information and apply it to improve your own life or the lives of those around you. More importantly, I want to empower people to embrace intelligence as a desirable trait. In today’s society, it’s easy to see how people worship athletes capable of throwing a ball accurately, but far too many people dismiss intelligence as something useless, antagonistic, and even undesirable. I want to change that by making intelligence seem like fun.

There are plenty of other sites focusing on games as pure entertainment, but I want to cater to those who see games as a way to improve they minds whether through creating games, playing them, or using them as an educational tool to teach others. Games are simply one of the most powerful educational tools available. The more you understand gaming as a learning tool, the more enjoyable learning any new subject can be.

Besides playing and studying games, I also run several other websites that you might enjoy:

  • The 15-Minute Movie Method — My screenwriting tutorial site where I provide tips for writing and structuring stories. If you’re interested in learning how to write a screenplay, you may find useful information to help you get started and help you complete a screenplay with far less fuss and confusion that confronts most beginning screenwriters.
  • The Electronic Author — My site teaching people how to create, write, market, and self-publish their own e-books whether you’re writing a novel, a non-fiction book, or anything you want to publish and want to avoid the frustration and hassle of traditional publishers.
  • Cat Daily News — This is just a fun site where I collect interesting cat news from around the Internet. If you’re a cat lover, animal lover, or just someone who needs a reason to smile once in a while, you may be interested in seeing pictures of cute cats and reading funny stories about cats in the lives of others.
  • WallaceWang.com — This is my personal site where I provide useful information that I wish somebody had taught me when I was much younger. In addition, I sometimes throw in humorous content just to keep myself amused and to make others laugh and look at life a little else seriously.
  • @wallacewang_com — This is my Twitter account where I write a joke a day on some topical subject in the news. This forces me to exercise creativity in studying the news and looking for ways to tell a joke using 140 characters or less.
  • Amazon Author Central — This is my Amazon Author Central page where you can see the various books I’ve written over the years.

Whatever reason you’re visiting this site, I thank you for taking the time to explore and I hope I can help you in some way to learn something new, improve your life, or just smile and learn to laugh a little so life doesn’t seem so bad after all.

March 8th, 2012 by admin
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