Making Money as a Programmer

If you went to college, got a degree in computer science, and marched off to get a job in a company somewhere, your problems are just beginning. The problem isn’t that you aren’t skilled and talented. The real problem is that anyone who relies on a job for their sole source of income is flirting with disaster.

What happens if your company suddenly fails? What happens if another company acquires the company you work for? What if your company goes through a round of layoffs to save money (so they can give the CEO a bonus for saving money)?

Whether you’re a programmer or not, relying on a job gives you no security at all. In the old days, you could get a job with a big company, enjoy perks and benefits, and retire with a comfortable pension decades later. Those days are long gone and never coming back.

In today’s world, people are disposable. There’s no corporate loyalty, there’s no benefits, and there’s no pension waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. The sooner you realize you’re on your own and you better know how to survive, the better off you’ll be.

That’s what this web site is all about, helping programmers in particular but tech-savvy users in general, how to make money and thrive in today’s rocky and unpredictable economy. Talent alone won’t always give you money and security so this site explains different ways to look for security for yourself.

For programmer’s the simplest way to decrease your dependence on a single job is to go into business for yourself. That doesn’t mean opening up a store and spending all day behind a cash register, hoping customers will show up. Instead, what this site will teach you is how to turn your programming and technical skills into part or full-time income outside of any existing job you may have.

The best time to prepare for disaster is when you don’t have to prepare for disaster. When disaster strikes and you’re not prepared, that’s the worst time to suddenly learn new skills because then you won’t have time or money to leisurely explore your options and build a foundation for success.

Never rely on talent alone because there will always be someone more talented than you and someone cheaper to hire than you (think outsourcing). Talent is like your lottery ticket. If you’re lucky, you might land a great job with security and high income, but if luck hasn’t granted you success without much effort, then you’ll have to create success for yourself.

To create a foundation for success, first you need to know you can’t rely on a job for your future, however great that job might be today because tomorrow it might be gone. Second, you need to look for ways to parlay your knowledge and experience into something profitable that you enjoy. There’s no point in pursuing money for the sake of money if you don’t enjoy the process.

That’s the major failing of every network marketing, multi-level marketing program out there. They promise you money, security, and wealth, but what they can’t promise you is that you’ll enjoy the work of getting there. If you don’t enjoy the work of constantly meeting people and developing a network, then it doesn’t matter how much money might be out there. Without enjoyment, you’ll never have the will or persistence to carry on in the face of adversity, which means the first obstacle you face will likely stop you dead in your tracks.

You don’t want to waste time. Stick to what you enjoy and make money from that. If you happen to enjoy networking, then a network marketing, multi-level marketing program might be for you. If you don’t, then you’ll simply waste your time although you will learn much about yourself and meet people of different backgrounds.

As a programmer or tech-savvy user, you likely want to use your knowledge of technology to help you find success. That means first identifying your options and then pursuing them. That’s what this site will do. I’ll explain different ways to make money through technology, mostly through programming, and delve into some technical details once in a while too. But the main point of this site is to help give programmers in particular and tech users in general a direction and hope for creating success in their own lives.

For example, want to become an app developer? This site will explain how to maximize your time and focus on the most lucrative fields. Want to become a consultant? This site will offer tips for becoming a consultant or programmer for hire. Want to make money off the Internet? This site will explain different ways to do that too.

So don’t expect too many programming details from this site; just a lot of information that programmers in general will likely find interesting. After all, it does you no good to understand the latest C++ or Objective-C code if it won’t help you lead a happier, richer, and more fulfilling life.

So the goal of this site is to help programmers and tech users in general parlay their interests and skills into making money outside of their current jobs. If you’re a student without a job, a programmer currently working in a job, or an unemployed programmer looking for a job, this site is for you. If you know more about computers than most people around you, then this site will help you turn your knowledge and experience into new experiences, new directions, and new hope for the future.

You can’t rely on a single job to provide money, security, and happiness. You can only rely on yourself, and this site will make it fun for you to do that on your own.

May 23rd, 2015 by admin
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